What is it and how does it benefit you

Sergio Massa and the President of the National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Claudio Ambrosini, announced the arrival of the technology

Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, and President of the National Communications Unit (ENACOM), Claudio Ambrosini, Announced the allocation of spectrum bands for the use and development of WiFi 6 technology in the presence of representatives of companies on Tuesday. Meta, Intel, Qualcomm, Amazon, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA), Broadcom, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Federated Wireless,

Act, Title “WIFI 6, for Argentina with more and better connected homes“, was held at ENACOM Headquarters, where Spectrum capability fully in the range of 5925 to 7125 MHz (6 GHz band) For free use (without license) by provider companies. it can do the whole band Coexistence with existing fixed link servicesWhich allows to maximize the use of the resource.

WiFi 6: What was the government’s announcement

As pointed out by the government, this decision “allows them to provide a Promoting the sectors of the knowledge economy, SMEs and the digital worldWho needs to access high quality WiFi that supports future developments backed by technological advances and reality Augmented Reality, Gaming, Metaverse, Internet of Things and 5G”,

“In turn, this will enable SMEs and cooperatives can expand their connectivity proposition based on competitive next generation services And that they reach every school, every hospital, every community, villa and popular neighborhood in urban, suburban and remote areas,” the statement concluded.

“It is a decision closely linked to the economy because for Argentina Knowledge economy to be one of the big five economic players of the next 10 years, For Argentina, the sale of services is one of the great powerhouses for generating exports, based on the enormous value and respect for their human capital, people, the Argentine people, for their training, for their ability to work.” Massa said. Insisted.

Furthermore, he commented: “We wish that well Wi-Fi 6 enables competitiveness for regional economiesBut also competitiveness for those who can provide services to the world because of the talent and capability from different regions of the country and often compete at a disadvantageous position for what we call. latency”.

According to Massa, WiFi-6 will allow the development of the knowledge economy

According to Massa, WiFi-6 will allow the development of the knowledge economy

Wi-Fi 6: How Does It Work?

basically, Wi-Fi 6 it’s a technique Faster and with greater coverage than traditional connectivity, Compatible with computers and all types of mobile devices, At present, the new interconnection is operational across the country. europe and in the America,

According to the national body, which decided its regulation at the end of 2020 through Resolution 102/2020, the delivery of technology to the country will be positive because will improve the performance of ,Applications that demand more bandwidth, such as high-definition video streaming,

Experts point out that Wi-Fi 6 is not a new means of connecting to the Internet like fiber, but rather an updated standard that Wi-Fi devices, especially routerswhich they can take advantage of to broadcast Wi-Fi signal more efficiently,

Another important question is whether the new Wi-Fi is faster than the older version. Here experts do not have a definite answer. Theoretically, Wi-Fi 6 will provide Internet speeds that are approximately one Wi-Fi 5 up to 30% fasterwith Maximum transfer speed up to 10 Gbps,

In Argentina, according to data from the Argentine Internet Chamber (Cabase), The average speed of a home connection reaches 40 Mbps, approximately 0.04 Gbps,

New standards for Wi-Fi networks not only increase their speed, but also make them more reliable and secure.

New standards for Wi-Fi networks not only increase their speed, but also make them more reliable and secure.

However, this figure will really depend on the situation, as it is faster than is needed on a device.

Therefore, In environments with multiple devices that need to connect, Wi-Fi 6 can make a big difference.Whereas in smaller homes with only a few appliances, it can be hard to tell the difference.

In other words, yes, things will be faster than before, but the bottom line is that Wi-Fi 6 will improve the way it handles the growing number of Internet-connected devices.

Difference Between Traditional Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6

He Wi-Fi 6 is technically already there As A new certified standard that start-up Wi-Fi devices can use, However, experts predicted that “it will take some time before all Internet users can enjoy its benefits.”

The main difference from traditional Wi-Fi is that it reaches a 80 MHz bandwidth meanwhile he Wi-Fi 6 expands to 160MHz, so this technique needs double channel width to work,

However, newer technology provides more consistent and reliable network connections. Furthermore, many predicted that he would be able to Improve user experience and application performance completely.

New connectivity technology aims to

New connectivity technology aims to provide more consistent and reliable network connections

Experts also pointed out that the development of this type of connection requires investment in infrastructure and hardware, and the expansion of this broadband Promote virtual reality technology and 8K streaming,