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New artificial intelligence tools add millions of users every day around the world and are already being used to be more profitable

There was a strong twist on the use of technology chatgpt, an artificial intelligence (AI) that allows you to interact with people in real time. The impressive number of users acquired in such a short period of time shows its high potential Positioning in companies related with this new technology of intelligent answers.

In the face of the ChatGPT boom: Which companies will skyrocket

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips for this Several forms of application in everyday life: ChatGPT is one of them., is a chatbot developed by open ai who has the ability to Answer all kinds of questions and provide information in real time on various subjects.

this revolution Achieved a record number of users in just two months, after achieving over 100 million, Moreover, it became one of the most famous in the world and even competes with the launched Google forageA new way of intelligent answers.

oh Focuses on the development of systems and algorithms It can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligencesuch as reasoning, perception, learning, planning and decision making.

These advanced data processing techniques, statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms analyze and learn from large amounts of information Automate tasks, make decisions and improve their effectiveness.

Analysts seem optimistic about it Returns whether it will present the key object And calculate that the growth rate (CAGR) for the next five years will be around 22%.

Tecne co-founder Rigoberto Malca La Rosa points out iProUP that, unlike people, AI-based tools don’t need to rest and can analyze large amounts of information at once,

because of this reason, The error rate is lower than the rate recorded by humanswhile doing the same things that iThis encourages companies to invest more capital.

Above multipurpose chatbothighlights that upcoming language models will provide more functionality, such as recognition and manipulation of images or videos with text, Therefore, this indicates that it will offer interact with a high level of sophisticationGradually overcoming a momentary inability to separate fact from fiction.

Furthermore, it believes that another feature of this new phenomenon of virtual assistance is He response to user queries and in providing real time supportWhich can improve customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence: which companies are in the running

Karina Diaz, Market Specialist and Professor at UADE, explains the battle between innovation companies IPRUP He Minerva, Forum Google which uses this technology to optimize its business operations, integrated with tools such as Google Cloud and Dataflow that, despite having immense potential, Has not yet managed to convert its entire arsenal of tools into commercial products,

Malca de la Rosa, however, comments Alphabet is one of the leaders in the field. developed a wide range of Services related to this segmentAs Google Assistant, Google Translate, and Google PhotosWhose social impact has been immense.

diaz expands on Microsoft out of its “Test Lab” and Agreed to acquire 49% of Open AI for US$10,000 million, The market replied: ChatGPT gained over one million users in just one week And it will grow at the expense of Google’s search engine,” says the operator.

“Investors are mindful of the challenge facing the company founded by Bill Gates, which will pave the way for Companies redesign their workflow within their organizations,” he says.

And he adds: “Many industries like Retail, manufacturing, healthcare and finance will gradually shift to a business model that leverages AI. Thus, the technology giant will see a strong growth in its sales and will be highly sought after,

Furthermore, it stresses that “currently we interact with ChatGPT with the responseYes Limited to current information for 2021. But With the new Microsoft modifications a portal will be opened through a “live” search of the Internet.Overcoming that threshold, according to recent words from the organization’s CEO Satya Nadella.

“After all, the user is the one who validates his purchases. It is expected that speed of adoption to interact with this new technologyformation of multidisciplinary teams and have a learning curve Factors affecting Microsoft’s AI-aligned revenue growth“, the teacher believes.

inside cloud computing (cloud computing), Bull Markets CEO, Ramiro Marra, points out iProUP that in addition to being a market in constant expansion, Amazon Is Another Stock With Lots of Potential in this new businessFor which he suggests gradually adapting himself to this role.

Jeff Bezos’ company has a stake in the global cloud infrastructure market, he says 32%Outpaced its two biggest competitors, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

others are Major companies to advance the use of artificial intelligence, This can be very beneficial in terms of the stock market. For Mara, one of them is NVIDIAbecause the video card is required and processRequired as inputs, as happened with the boom in cryptocurrencies and video games.

Currently, according to his words, Nvidia dominates the graphics chip market Designed for complex computing tasks Required to power AI applications. The more people using ChatGPT, the more computing power OpenAI needs To generate answers to the millions of inquiries received daily.

from Citigroup they estimate that AI-driven sales growth for Nvidia will be around US$8,000 million in just one yearGoing from US$ 3,000 million to US$ 11,000 million in 2023. However, Atif Malik, an analyst with the bank, admits that with such new technology it is difficult to predict these numbers.

for his part, Bank of America says the semiconductor giant is at the forefront of the companies that will benefit The rise of so-called Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Wells Fargo concluded that Nvidia’s upcoming chips are well positioned to take advantage of higher computing needs This requires an AI model like ChatGPT.