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Expats looking to start or grow their digital businesses from abroad explain the reasons, benefits and hurdles they face in Europe

Artificial intelligence is an essential topic whenever labor transformation is discussed. However, there is another back factor which is responsible for this metamorphosis in the world of employment and it has to do with New frontiers that have been broken by technology,

In this context of hyperconnection, Professional 4.0 emerges, able to work smoothly in this digitization mediated world. Remote work is here to stay in many areas and various options arise to virtual projects,

all these changes open facilities for many people to emigrate and maintain their occupations, it is common to find stories about Argentines who move to Spain in search of work Or entrepreneurs with years of experience who open new branches and expand their businesses.

between these two poles Entrepreneurs who continue to complete their projects Take advantage of these opportunities to virtually or start new digital avenues. iProUP He collected the testimonies of some of them.

Ismail: “I was looking for another lifestyle to be closer to the sea and the mountains”

Ishmael Briscoe He is from Argentina, he is 47 years old and at the end of February, he immigrated with his wife and youngest daughter Costa del Sol in Spain,

Ishmael is entrepreneur (He founded the successful and well known PsicoFXP forum), coach And COMMUNICATOR, He is also the author of the podcast we are human and digital and book the power of linkedinIn which he gives practical advice on enhancing personal branding and growing businesses.

,i wanted to experience living abroad, My wife has already lived in other countries and I was waiting for my older daughters to be adults before I left. there is no economic reason: It’s not that I wanted to leave the country, not even because of politics, which many people usually mention,” Briasco admitted. iProUP.

and confirms:was looking for another lifestyle: Being close to the sea and the mountains, and experiencing what it’s like to live in a place different from the one you’ve always known,” he says.

Like most people who start life in another country, suggests researching thoroughly what kind of documents would need to be submitted in order to reside legally, In her case, she explains, everything was easy because her partner (with whom she is in a cohabiting relationship) and her daughter had Italian citizenship, He is currently pursuing residency.

,I had to file some papers like Criminal record, International certification of driving record and other documents, everything should be the hague apostille Which can be achieved through an online process that is quite simple”, summarizes Biasco.

For those looking for a job, the situation may get more complicated. you have to consider University degree verification and, if you do not have citizenship or are unlikely to obtain residency, Emigration with a labor contract To act within the confines of the law as soon as they reach their destination.

“In my case, I have my own companies and I’m an entrepreneur, i’m doing what i was doing in argentina: I work for different countries and everything is remote. of course happening here Opens up more business opportunities locally and in EuropeBut it’s still very recent,” Briscoe insisted.

Ismael Briscoe immigrated to Spain to experience living in a place different from where he had lived his entire life.

Ismael Briscoe immigrated to Spain to experience living in a place different from where he had lived his entire life.

Esteban: “I found the peace and happiness I was looking for”

Esteban Cervi He is 37 years old, married and has a three year old daughter. He has been in Spain for almost two years. Is psychologist and tech entrepreneurin front of Two companies:

  • Neolo, to host and develop websites or online stores
  • Pulsión Digital: An Online Training School in Marketing, Communication and Entrepreneurship

He moved to Spain in 2021 and believe tech in europeA Argentine community Those who live in the Old Continent and work in the field of technology. In turn, he has a YouTube channel emigration betterin which tell your experiences as an expat and share Tips to get started in Spain, a country he defines as “the best in the world”.

in conversation with iProUPbelieves that was his motivation for leaving Argentina”Discovery of better quality of life and possibilities of progress, i didn’t want to worry more to take care of yourself Security nor deal with things that don’t work, the lack of rulesinstability and the social mood, that the security network of the state does not work”.

And he adds: “All that works much better in Europe. And I chose to contribute by coming to Spain. my company is still in argentina Betting on further progress with the staff there because friends and family live there and I want the best. However, I found the peace and happiness I was looking for in Europe.”

He immigrated with Italian citizenship and in a few months he would start processing Spanish. ,Without citizenship or legal residency, I do not recommend anyone come, Because almost all employment here is white. Besides, It will be difficult unless you have a bank account or card, It is necessary for everything. Also, when you migrate you must adapt and do everything well,” he advises.

as far as paperwork they had to complete they say you have to dealing with bureaucracy and it can be cumbersome, But in the end everything always works out according to his experience.

Esteban Cervi Moved to Spain and Made Tech in Europe

Esteban Cervi recommends not to emigrate without citizenship or residence in Spain

“The main challenges were and still are miss family and friends, Obviously, here you make friends and you can integrate, because if you follow the rules and come to work, the culture is familiar, Half of my grandparents were Spanish, so I feel at home,” he reflects.

Calixto: “migrating is not a magic solution or a way to escape your problems”

calixto carbone He is 36 years old and lives in barcelona From 2019 onwards. First he left and a few months later, his partner passed away. He has Spanish citizenship and has residency.

When asked what prompted him to leave the country, he mentioned sudden rule changes and unpredictability who lived in Argentina. “I ended up with a burn out big, was too Dollar loan with family and friends, I was basically trapped,” he says.

The Digital Entrepreneur Suite was installed in Spain. Established Guna College, a training center dedicated to digitization of sales process, “People study and pay only when they get a job. We recently received investment to launch it, we already have around 100 students, more than 50 have already graduated, With employment averaging over 85%,” he explains.

Although he is doing very well now, all was not well when he set foot in Spain.

,When I moved from Argentina, I sent out 107 resumes until I got my first interview. It cost me a lot and suddenly I got two offers: A tourism, to my background applied technology; and second in a Training Center For those who wanted to change their career towards programming. i chose the latter for the occasion move to a wider range“, Memorization.

He emphasizes that he went out of necessity and that it was not easy. ,Emigration is not a magic solution or a formula to escape your problems. this is a duel, in which your life dies and another is born, If the situation allows it, it is better to try for a while first and choose to migrate later.”


Calixto Carbone says, “You are going to lose meters, but you will gain kilometers: the streets, the squares, the beaches and the mountains are yours. You live without fear and you are free.”

The main challenges they had to go through were being uprooted and having to adapt to a different place with other customs and to rebuild a community of friends.

“In terms of quality of life, you have to understand that you convert square meter to kilometer, Perhaps, Share an apartment for long term stays in Europe And the day you can buy your house (they mortgaged mine a year ago) it will not be the same house you would buy in Argentina for the same price”.

And he comments: “you will lose meters but you will gain kilometers, Because the street, the square, the beach and the mountain are yours. you learn live without fear and therefore you are more free“, in short.

Leandro: “I wanted to experience living in another country”

leandro echeverria He is 35 years old and had settled in Spain two years back. He faced his new life with his wife. ,i wanted to experience Live in another country and work with clients in Europe,,

As in the previous cases, it indicates iProUP that went in order with the papers: Spanish citizenship. Is co-founder of PostAn SEO Agency That Helps To Keep Users Better position in search engines like Google, Regarding tips for going abroad, he lists:

  • ,Talk to acquaintances living in the country to immigrate to learn about their experience”
  • “Organize multiple processes over time and build up what you can from there”
  • “Get financial support for the first months until you have a residence”
  • “getting work or clients”
  • “Keep an open mind and be prepared to start from scratch in some aspects”

Learn about the experience of other people and carry out all the procedures that can be done, advises Landro Echevarría

main challenges In Spain, highlights time involved Build a network of contactsgain confidence, Adapt to the way of working and relating with the local people.