Who Is Spencer Storebeck On ‘The Bachelorette’ 2023? Meet Charity Lawson’s Contestant

the bachelorette is back, and like our Season 20 lead Charity Lawson, Bachelor Nation spent the first night shaping up for the competition.

Some of the outstanding men of the evening – for better or worse – included charming keyboard player Aaron Bryant, First Impressions Rose winner Brayden Bowers and medical sales director Spencer Storebeck, who took the charity aside during the cocktail party to reveal that He is a father.

So who is Spencer Storebeck? the bachelorette, And how was his first night with Charity Lawson? We’ve got all the details on Night 1, including Spencer’s age, Instagram handle, and official Bachelorette Biography below.

Who is Spencer Storebeck? the bachelorette 2023?

first things first! Let’s take a look at Spencer’s official Bachelorette bio. Here are the basics about the 32-year-old medical sales director from Moorpark, California, straight from ABC:

“This single dad has humor and heart. As the father of a young son, Spencer brings a lot of life experience, including the courage to change careers and earn his master’s degree. When Spencer isn’t talking to medical professionals in his sales job, he enjoys riding his bike by the ocean. Their ideal date would be to go on a walk among the orange groves outside Moorpark, their hometown. Did we mention he’s an amazing father? Charity, we hope you enjoy the dad jokes!”

And of course, here are fun facts from Spencer:

  • Spencer’s hero is Anthony Bourdain.
  • Spencer likes to read Jack Kerouac’s novels.
  • Spencer dreams of one day running for political office to help her community.

If you’re curious to see what Spencer is up to outside of his Bachelorette You can follow him on Instagram @spencerstorbeck, where he has grown to 679 followers after the premiere. Now let’s see how her first night at the mansion went, shall we?

Spencer on 'The Bachelorette'
Photo: ABC

Spencer Storbeck’s first impression on Charity Lawson: the bachelorette week 1 recap

Spencer started things off with a memorable limo entrance that began with him admitting he was scared and ended with her telling him to kick her in the nuts. After a somewhat awkward intro – thanks to some selective background music the bachelorette Team – Spencer reveals to Charity that her main hobby was martial arts.

Charity asked if he could teach her a trick, to which Spencer replied, “Well, it’s a somewhat risky move. The big thing here is that if someone, you know, borders on you.” out, you just want to drive him straight crazy. And we’re gonna practice.”

As Spencer snapped his fingers and squinted in anticipation of Charity’s foot making contact with his… you know, he asked, “Oh my god what’s happening?” and explained, “I will not kick you out.”

Clearly relieved, Spencer thanks her for sparing him, and Charity playfully says, “There’s no way I’d do that, are you kidding? I’d never do that and in this dress I There is not much freedom either. We’ll save that for when I really need to.”

Spencer assured her that he would have no reason to bother her and she moved in, but her alone time with Charity was far from over. “Feeling more anxious than I thought. I think the stakes are bigger for me because I have a son. I haven’t told him yet. This could potentially be a dealbreaker for Charity,'” Spencer told cameras before pulling Charity aside later in the night.

When he told her he was a father, Charity said, “It’s beautiful. It means you have really made a sacrifice by being here.” Spencer explained how scared he was to tell her, and he continued, “I think it’s great that you’re here. I know this is a very important part of your life, so I need to know and I want to know more. I know it’s scary for you, but I’m open to hearing about it.” He walked away from the conversation feeling like he could tap dance on Cloud 9, and later that night he Received the last rose at the rose ceremony. So it looks like there are more Spencers to come!

the bachelorette New episodes of Season 20 air Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Episodes will be available for streaming on Hulu the following day.

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