Why did Brent Faiaz and Mark Peaced launch NUWO on Independence Day?

Brent FaiyazThe singer-songwriter has teamed up with her longtime creative director, mark piecedto launch a new fashion brand called Material, NUWO stands for “Not Unless We Own” and aims to revolutionize streetwear and culture with its debut collection. This is familiar territory for the R&B singer as a newly independent recording artist.

Brent Faiyaz recently shocked the music industry after officially signing with independent label Leader unitedmasters, This groundbreaking partnership empowers the soulful and introspective artist with greater creative control over his projects. The collaborative effort of Faiyaz and Unitedmasters undoubtedly heralds a new era of creative talent and success for the rising star and with NUWO, Faiyaz has opened a new avenue to enthrall audiences.

The NUWO is a work-in-progress that Fayez has touted over the years, but has resisted officially launching until today. “I love so many different brands and aesthetics that I can never find one thing that I can stick to,” Faiyaz explains in her sartorial notes about finding it. “I cannot name any one brand as my favourite. So, I’m going to take the photographs I’ve always been drawn to as a child – the ones that made me say ‘yes there it is’ and make it for myself.

Faiyaz continues, “‘Let me create my favorite brand and be in it.'” He is well-versed in the marketing schemes of fashion, having participated in them even before his music career began. But he understands the power of building a community around brands with a deep message for an audience.

Faiyaz is an eclectic storyteller in his music, he is doing so with his fashion after sporting some distinctive NUWO looks. He noted the distribution of his early NUWO designs, “Then we gave (it) to our friends.” “It was not meant to sell or anything. It was just for us to wear.”

Similarly, with the NUWO brand, he and Peaced are launching a label that reflects their spirit as talented artists and marketers. “My mother introduced me to fashion,” recalls Fiyaz. “As a child, she always taught me the importance of taking pride in my appearance, so I just kept at it.” Faiyaz, like his music, understood the branding effect of fashion in delivering an engaging message.

“She used to dress us for church or take us back-to-school shopping, and I always loved it when I wore something new or hard to get,” Fayaz recalled of Hype-Wear. How do I feel if it happens?” “In school, I would buy rare clothes from my classmates, or I would skip school and go to the mall to steal stuff I couldn’t afford. I was voted best dressed in school.”

Peaced knows a lot about the creative process and finds a natural pivot to craft a dynamic. He says, “It is another medium of creation. Brent is one of the best singers and songwriters, and I’m a photographer-director, so we love fashion.

Peaced and Faiyaz develop their relationship based on a craving for promotional items and the moments that come with them. Pised remembers when his father “never gifted me toys on my birthday, he used to buy me watches. Baby G shock then Swatch, as I got older I graduated to Seiko and Movado. Today he shares this nostalgia with Faiyaz, “Brent and I always keep an eye on pieces, whether it’s high-end streetwear, but ’90s, collegiate, streetwear, it’s something we both love. and enjoy.”

NUWO’s retro designs draw inspiration from the music, art, and late ’90s/early 2000s era heard in their music, telling stories through vivid illustrations and steamy world-building tells. Faiyaz has built his image through these channels saying, “It goes hand in hand with lifestyle. It defines an era. One sound and one look can create a feeling that cannot be described in words. Fashion influences music and music influences fashion.

NUWO represents a spirit of self-empowerment and the importance of ownership in creative endeavors in any field, be it music or fashion. Faiyaz remains an independent artist and hopes to inspire others through NUWO’s designs and message.

“I don’t really know what to call it,” Faiyaz says of his creative thinking on music, “I’m just putting together things that matter to me.” That’s how I approach music. It sounds trite, but I do what feels natural.” This is how NUWO exists in its world.

“It is still developing. “It’s like a living, breathing and ever-changing idea,” says Fayaz. “If it hasn’t been seen – it’s because it hasn’t been built (yet). You will all see what I am seeing. NUWO’s first collection officially launches on “NUWO Day”, a one-day pop-up event in Los Angeles on July 4, 2023. The event will showcase NUWO’s unique creations, which will be attended by peers from the music and fashion industry. After pop-up, special NUWO items will be available WebsiteReady to go live, 7th July 2023.

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