Xavier Dolan, a highly divisive character

Javier Dolan again stated in an interview to the Spanish press that he wanted to leave the film industry. Disappointed with the reception of his latest projects, he even went so far as to say that “art is useless” and “devoting oneself to cinema is a waste of time”. The main interested party said on Thursday afternoon, “words have been taken out of context”. Still, the comments caused a huge backlash on Thursday in the Quebec cinema community, which has always maintained a love-hate relationship with this prodigious lad whose main virtue – it must be said – has never been humility.

“I can understand the frustration and weariness faced by an art that has known 1001 turbulences, but value judgments on art, no. Art is an essential exchange and transmission belt, and to give it up is to jeopardize a relationship with the world that is already so fragile”, indicated film critic Helen Faradji, who was unfazed by the 34-year-old director’s most recent release. Is.

On social networks, Radio-Canada columnists were not kind to Xavier Dolan, whom she compared to “the lady with the camellias”. This capricious and self-centered character from the novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas. And Helen Faradji is not the only one to make fun of the director’s words. Several industry players have also expressed their annoyance following the comments from Xavier Dolan, who now says he wants to build a house in the countryside to lock himself there with friends and “see how the world goes”. burns”.

“He was never humble and we got proof of that once again from his announcements. In the film industry in Quebec, he has always caused trouble. Obviously, there was a kind of discontent which was latent and which can be expressed today. People really enjoy destroying it. “Clearly a lot of people needed to vent,” says Jason Beliveau, editor-in-chief of the special magazine. scenery,

At the same time, if he did not have that character, he would not have gone to Cannes at the age of 20.

Jealousy? No doubt, Jason Beliveau believes so. It’s a cliché, but success is always troubling in Quebec, where many people are constantly told they were “born for a little bread”. That said, directors like Jean-Marc Vallée, Denis Villeneuve or even Philippe Falardo have never caused so much outrage as Xavier Dolan, even if they shined abroad. Why ?

“We don’t really have stars in Quebec who behave like this. We don’t like that. Denis Villeneuve, despite his illustrious career, is someone who remains humble, who is discreet, who never storms off in interviews. Even Celine Dion has always maintained an image of an accessible girl. Xavier Dolan, that’s not the point. Since his debut, he has always been addicted to flamboyant announcements. Plus, if he didn’t have that character, he wouldn’t have gone to Cannes at 20,” says Jason Beliveau.


From i killed my motherThere has always been a perception among some in his 2009 debut film, Quebec, that Xavier Dolan was a privileged man, that he did not deserve the recognition he received from his first film. Some people like to remember that he is a child actor who grew up on film sets, mentioning that he is the son of actor Manuel Tadros and that he was also the nephew of a film critic. Duty Odile Tremblay.

After all, he is the only filmmaker who had the means to finance his first film out of his own pocket, without the help of public institutions. Most young directors have to wait years before receiving the necessary funding for a feature film debut.

Film critic Michel Coulombe says that privileged or not, Xavier Dolan is overrated. “This is not a show. There are many successes when we look at his journey. i killed my motherIt’s a great movie, especially when you consider the amount of time they made it. Mother, It’s amazing. Dolan is a great communicator and someone who directs his actors like no other. ,

already seen

Michel Coulombe didn’t believe for a moment that Xavier Dolan was the only one bowing down to direct commercials, as he said in an interview with the daily Country, “At most, it will be just one break,” he predicts. Xavier Dolan on Instagram indicated Thursday afternoon that the context of his comments had been lost with the translation. “Of course art matters. Of course cinema is not a waste of time,” he wrote in a brief message in English.

The fact is that this is not the first time that Xavier Dolan has suggested that he will close the cinema. Last November, he had already believed that Montreal Journal There is not much desire to do this work at the moment. Rebellion at Marie-Louise Arsenault’s microphone at the ICI premiere last May.

But an impulsive director is quick to change his mind. In 2014, he said he wanted to take a leave of absence to go back to school, which apparently never materialized.

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