Xavier Dolan confirms his retirement from cinema

At 34, Xavier Dolan wants to move on. Disappointed with the results of his recent artistic projects, the director confirmed in an interview with the newspaper his intention to end his film career. Country,

This is not the first time that Xavier Dolan has questioned his future in cinema. He already mentioned in the pages of last November magazine, He was seriously considering taking a break, tired of the enormous pressure – human and financial – that he imposes on himself with each new project.

The idea seems to have germinated since then as Dolan is more stubborn this time:

“I have given up on cinema and directing,” he told Spanish media in an interview published in the past few days.

“I no longer have the will or strength to commit to a project for two years and can hardly meet anyone. He said, “I put so much passion into it that I find it so frustrating.” I end up wondering if my cinema isn’t bad, but I know it isn’t.

  • Listen to Xavier Dolan’s latest interview here cube radio On the microphone of Sophie Durocher:

The news, picked up by several media in Quebec and France, had a bombshell effect on social networks. So much so that Dolan published a brief message on his Instagram account on Thursday afternoon in which he justified the comments made in the newspaper. CountryEspecially those where he mentions that “art is useless” and “devoting oneself to cinema is a waste of time”.

“Of course art matters. Certainly cinema is not a waste of time. Sometimes words are taken out of context and lost in translation. I’ll explain myself shortly. Other than that, I’m fine!”, he wrote in English.

Dolan’s latest series, Laurier Gaudrelt woke up at nightAired on Club Ilico, it may have found critical success, but did not win any awards and was distributed only in three other countries (France, Japan and Spain).

“I haven’t won anything in the series. I invested my salary in production and my father had to lend me money. It’s a very thankless process, I’m tired and discouraged,” he says.

mixed success

In cinema, despair also prevails for Xavier Dolan. After becoming a rapid success at the Cannes Film Festival with his films Mother at just the end of the worldhis most recent projects John F. my life with donovan at mathias and maxime Got very mixed results.

in an interview magazine Last November, the filmmaker had said that he was particularly hurt by the box office results of his last two feature films.

“the fact of leaving donovan One month ago mathias and maximeHe lamented, it ended two films. Of course you don’t spend so much time making a movie out of your sweats that only five people can see!

So what’s next for Xavier Dolan?

He says in his interview, “The simplest solution is to make an advertisement and build a house for me in the countryside.”

– in collaboration with Maxime Demers

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